Another One

Ok, so let’s start!
1.) Go to the desktop, or anywhere really, and Right click > New > Shortcut

2.) You should notice how an item is created on your desktop, and a window should also pop up. It should ask you to “Type the location of the item”. In that box, type in shutdown -s -t XX -c “YY” (XX representing the amount of time you want to give before the shutdown is initiated, and YY representing the comment you want to leave.)

If you are using Vista – “Most of it is the same exept for instead of shutdown -s -t XX -c “YY”, you type, shutdown /s /t XX /c “YY” with slashes instead of dashes. Its the same to deactivate it, shutdown -a. Havent completely tried it out yet so i dont know how it will effect your computer, but it sure will creep your friends out!!!” !

3.) Click Next

4.) Give the new shortcut a name, and hit Next.


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